Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Religion Divides

Often times when we read books of history we often see an attack on religion (this is coming from a secular perspective).  We often hear religion does this (negatively), and religion does that (negatively); but what I found to be consistent from all those who attack religion is the claim that, “religion divides society.”  I had to think about this long and hard, because as a Muslim I was always taught to question things and to never take things at face value.  I mean this seemed to be true.  Religion in the past has always brought about division in society when studying it.  Wars have occurred because those were fighting a “holy war.”  Blood has been spilled, from the beginning to the crusades to now (most attentively to the land of  Canaan [Palestine/Israel]).  

The thought is truly scary, but something is missing.  Something doesn’t feel right.  How can religion be promoting peace and when you look throughout history so many killings have happened in the name of a faith’s so called “god.”  I finally figured it out.  The attack wasn’t coming from those who were following a certain religion, but rather those who truly opposed any form of organized religion.

Truth is religion was not meant to divide people.  Fact is, people divide people.  Is the saying “divide and conquer” not a common philosophy of the elite, if not THE MOST common philosophy of the elite.  Being a Muslim, a non-apologetic Muslim, growing up in a Muslim home, the first thing I was taught was: there is no compulsion in religion [Quran 2:256].  So how can that be when I’m seeing so called “Muslims” chopping off heads and Jews oppressing Muslims in Israel.

Well first of all both of these examples are wrong!  Muslims are not chopping heads off in the name of Allah, and Jews are not persecuting Muslims in Israel because God told them too.  Quite the contrary, Muslims around the world are appalled, and are speaking out against acts done by ISIS, Al-Qaeda and all these independent terrorist groups.  These attackers are claiming “God told me to do this,” but sadly in reality they are following their own flawed interpretation of their own laws.  Palestinians are also not being oppressed in the name of Judaism, but rather in the name of Zionism; truth is many Jews and Christians are speaking out against Israel.

When looking throughout the history of Muslims; Jews, Muslims, and Christians have livied in harmonious balance with each other (Even in Palestine [Israel]).  Jews even used to seek refuge from Christians with the Muslims in the past.  

If you still feel and believe in your mind religion divides, I have a question for you.  Is religion the issue or is it your mere perception of religion the problem.  Don’t simply stand back and listen to someone on media make the claim that religion is negative… Open a Bible, open a Torah, open a Quran, and when you come across something you feel is controversial or seems “violent,” I recommend (1) read the verse before and after, and (2) look to the faith for an explanation.  If I were to tell you (just an example): that man needs to be killed with no explanation, you probably would think I’m an extremist, but if I were to tell you: That man butchered your family after raping your daughter and burning them alive, that man needs to be killed, you have the option to forgive and forget, but his fate lies in your hands.  Would you still think I was being extreme.  

Remember at the end of day, people will always be judgmental and will attack religion.  I simply ask you to do you research and determine if the attacker is profiting (including monetarily) off the statements they are being made.  

If you agree or disagree don’t feel shy, post a comment below and let me know what you think.  All mistakes are of my own deficiancy and all good comes from my Lord.