Monday, April 10, 2017

War Is Profit

This is not a conspiracy
And this is not just another theory 
This is a fact 

War is profit 
From the oil to the tanks 
Millions are dying while few are cashing in the banks 

A soldier is not seen as a human being but rather a tool 
To look otherwise you have to be a fool 
Do you think the one counting the money is counting the death tolls 
I don't care the polls 

Let me repeat 
It does not matter who lost and who did defeat 
At the end of the day the elite are still going to eat 

Wanna know where the rabbit hole will take you follow the bill 
Follow it like a drill

Do you think the Sarin used in Syria was obtained for free 
Do you think the bullets being fired by both the terrorist and the soldiers came free 
Do you think it's not time you open your eyes and see 

A soldier is programmed to be colder 
While a bank grows older 
Counting that dollar 

Do you think those tanks didn't cost money from the bank 
Do you think our technology was created as a mere prank 
And what about the oil 
That fueled the turmoil 

Are the Rockefellers not exploiting 
Do you not think the Rothschilds are laughing 
How about the Astors, the Bundys, the Collins, the DuPont, the Freeman, the Kennedys, the Lis, the Onassis, the Reynolds, the Russels, the Van Duyn, as well as all the other working behind the scenes 

As we speak of this moment 
Someone just cashed in on yesterday's event 
And I'm not talking Bashar or Trump, this goes deeper than that extent

We live in a world so cold 
And it's not what you earned, it's what you stole 
It's the lives you've sacrificed to count that paper 
It's the fact that as of this moment some people are literally walking devils 
Thinking of themselves as powerful as angels when in reality they are far from that level

How greedy can one get 
When one sees a girl raped by a Shabiha

And then proceed to count 36.3 billion dollars
And feel upset when the number doesn't reach trillions 
Where are we going but let me repeat 

This is not a conspiracy
And this is not a theory 
And if you see otherwise, I recommend you see a little bit more clearly

So how does this relate to Islam and this is what I want you to see
Islam promotes peace
But do not for one second think Islam is a pacifistic religion 
We are not taught to stand by while our children are being slaughtered
Our mothers and sisters are being raped
And fathers are condemned and hate

You see what separates the radical from the Muslim is not the fighting
But the intention of fighting
There is a difference between fighting injustice
And fighting in the name of destruction

Do you not remember the time where Imam Ali (رضي الله عنه) was fighting and his enemy fell in disgrace
As the man falls he spits in Ali’s face
But Ali turned back and walked away, you see Ali didn’t desire the blood to taste
He fought in hopes of seeing Allah’s face

But today, this is far from reality
Surely we’ve all heard actions are but by intentions
And when your intention is hold a man in detention 
Abuse him, rape him, torture him, to teach him a lesson
Then I have a confession
You are the terrorist!

When you sit behind the scenes in your 9 figure bank accounts
Counting the amount
While poor little Muhammad in Syria is screaming
And dying

You gotta reexamine things a little better
Now I’m not saying ISIS and these groups don’t promote terror
My only thought is that they are not the only ones in error...

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Notes from a lesson when Yasir Qadhi came to North Carolina

Within an hour 
I remembered Allah's power 
A speech that to the heart that did reach 

None other than the subject of the youth 
Relevance and knowledge that can be used 
A simple reminder that children are one of the greatest beauties of life 
A source of light 

A source of motivation 
To work and smile and an experience unlike any sensation 
A natural desire 
Like the light of a fire 

Stories that fill books 
Of the blessing that will make you take a second look 
From the smile one must show 
To the mercy that you should know 

Our prophet ﷺ  a mercy to mankind 
But especially to the youth 
And it is from him we must learn 
And his sunnah we should yearn 

But a reminder that every blessing is a test 
So smile but don't rest 
Because the youth learn from the parents 
From mannerism to the simple sneeze 

The yawn to the phrase 
Parenthood is a blessing in so many ways 
To the fathers 
Respect the mothers 

Because we are a product of our tarbiya
And a parent with haya by Allah's will will have a child that has haya 
Allah in general will give righteous parents righteous children
So if you have a problem
Fix it today 

Today before tomorrow becomes today 
Because you never know this may be your child's way
If you don't wake up for fajr for the edjar 
Then change your stature 

Step one be who what you want to see 
Step two teach them to pray so in the end they can be free 
And number three 
Supplication after supplication while you supplicate and supplicate 

For you and your youth 
But it is a time of change 
Because to our culture our parents culture is strange 
We need to as parents learn and adapt 
Rather than getting angry and then to just snap 

But to the young ones
You might be more knowledgable in some 
But respect that is denied 
Is never justified 

To understand basic psychology 
We can see from Ibraheem ﷺ  in the way he revealed to his son the future destiny 
To treat a man as a child is demeaning 
At the age of thirteen it is enough of a reason 

To see them as an adult 
Maybe not ready to hunt
The way a 40 year old to be blunt 
But friendship should be important 

And don't take the facts and distort them 
Speak the truth 
No need to get brute 
But the truth should be well put 

Sexual intimacy is a real at a young age 
So forget the way your parents raised you in your stage 
Remember the lion, even in calmness has in him rage 

But as parents there must be harshness but their must be mercy 
Otherwise life might be a bitter destiny

Tests can be made 
But only incremental 
With money paid 
And see if the task was done with the right mental 

In the end my role is to control my temper 
And to my control myself until life reaches December

Monday, April 3, 2017


So Ramadan is in less than two months, and often times we don't realize the true purpose of Ramadan, and it lies in one word, Taqwa; but don't take it from me, read this verse from the Quran:

<يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ اعْبُدُوا رَبَّكُمُ الَّذِي خَلَقَكُمْ وَالَّذِينَ مِن قَبْلِكُمْ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَتَّقُونَ <٢٠٢١ 


O mankind! Worship your Lord (Allah), Who created you and those who were before you so that you may become Al-Muttaqun (2:21)

What does it mean to be amongst Al-Muttaqun?  It means those who establish taqwa, those who implement taqwa, and those who aim to have taqwa.  Which leads to the next question, what is Taqwa?  I felt the best way to share the true meaning of this is in a poem I wrote.  I recently purchased this book: 

(if your interested in getting the book I would recommend it, here's a link from Amazon to purchase it:

And the last chapter was entitled "listening and obeying."  It discussed taqwa in great detail and I took notes in poetic form.  Please let me know if you see any errors or fallacies in the poem.  I did my best to accurately convert the chapter to a poem and here it is, hope you enjoy and benefit!  Any good comes from Allah and any mistakes arise from within.  Please comment and share your thoughts, or any examples you find in your life that express the true meaning of taqwa.

To gain Taqwa of Allah
One must first preserve his salah 
So haya 3ala salah

One must be conscious of Him at all times 
Remembering Him in both good and bad times 
Surely the Taqwa of Allah is the heart of the Quran in every line 

So fear Him
Love Him
And be conscious of Him

And the results will be 
Kindness in the heart for the Angels to see 
Well behaved for a mind to roam free 
And dutiful to your parents with your speech 

Taqwa is the key to wisdom 
Amongst the Angels giving you stardom
A message sent to those before 
A message from the Quran down to the core 

But what is Taqwa, and what does it mean?
To be conscious of Allah
Not to exceed the limits set by Allah

From a linguistic view 
It's meant as someone who preserves and guards his point of view 
And every part of you

His putting a barrier or guard between that which he fears 
To protect himself from that which he fears

Even going as far pushing away the permissible 
In hopes of an Islamic medicinal 
Keeping them away from the impermissible 

Righteousness is less of an action, and more a belief 
A positive intention, followed by an action, that provide satisfaction 

Pray as if it is your last day
Give, and give, even if it's out of your way
Be just in business and do not stray
Free a slave, when both of you are made from clay
And be patient even when in pain 

Taqwa has a few levels 
One being, the lowest level 
To merely save your soul from an eternal fire 
While the highest are the righteous that are in control of every desire 

But how is Taqwa attained 
First and foremost is true knowledge 
Gained throughout and outside college 

To know and to be ignorant has no equality
Surely with true knowledge there is a special quality 
To fear Him, you must know Him
And the key, is for you to see, knowledge of Him

Next is to take that knowledge and apply
Turning to Allah in salah with tears as you cry 

Next is to open your eyes and realize 
No harm touches you without His permission
And no good will be denied to you by omission without His permission 

Next is to remember Allah
First and foremost through salah
Surely a remembrance of Him is a great thing 
More precious than any diamond ring 
To remember it's as if your alive 
And to be heedless is as if you died 
Greater than all the treasures of the world 
Better than any diamond or pearl 

Remember these five 
1. Prayers prescribed five 
2. Supplication to Allah as long as you are alive 
3. Praising Allah as Him being glorified
4. Recite the Quran in good and bad times 
5. Enjoining the good, forbidding evil as defined 

To attain Taqwa you must also recognize your enemy 
The one who has committed blasphemy 
An act so atrocious it is nothing but an atrocity 

Coming at us from the front 
Making us feel the hereafter in doubt 
Coming at us from behind 
Making us desire this world in our minds 
Coming at us from the right 
Causing us in our faith to fight 
Allowing us to deviate from inspirations 
And follow innovations 
Coming at us from the left 
Not fearing Allah's commandments

So do not fear death, surely it takes away from our consciousness of our Master
Losing eternity, rather than this life is the true disaster 
Pray a little more 
Give to the poor
And increase your recitation, until your tears hit the floor 
Befriend a good friend 
One you shall desire to be with after the end 

Taqwa is also developed through the purification of the soul 
As time passes the heart begins to grow cold 
Filled with spiritual diseases and rust 
So to purify it is a must 
First you must turn to Him
Before you return to Him

A habitual sin is a stain of evil
So purify yourself of your thoughts and actions and everything within you that is potentially lethal
But how do you purify before you die 

Intoxications have to go 
You gotta learn to say no 
Keep your distance between his voice 
The music people use to rejoice 
Stay away from most media 
Keep distance between you and the tv causing you to see images like you have schizophrenia 

Diet is also key 
As faith is internal as well as external covering all that which you see
Last, but not least, as there are many more
Wake up a little early at night to glorify He 
Remembering to glorify Him 
And love Him 
As well as asking for forgiveness from Him

Last but not least Taqwa is aided by a necessary 
And that is to love Allah and his messenger even though in this time neither can we see 

Sweetness in faith lies in three 
Loving Allah and His messenger above all 
Loving a friend for the sake of Allah
And despising a return to ignorance, as much as he hates into the fire to fall

Taqwa may not be free 
But with it comes results you'll see 
Being protected beneath Allah's sight 
Provisions left and right 
Ease in times of difficulty 
Better judgment and forgiveness 
Knowledge which is light 
Aid in tough times 
Love from Allah at all times 
Guidance from the Quran allowing you to shine
Forgiveness of sins 
Acceptance of good deeds for the win
Glad tidings
Where in paradise you shall be gliding and flying 
Protection from the fire 
And a guidance of your desire