Monday, December 28, 2015

A Dispute With Atheism

Now I'm not a person that acknowledges atheism in reality 
I even wonder sometimes how someone can believe there is nothing beyond this galaxy
But I find it interesting you see 
Because to an atheist who believes in no afterlife there is nothing beyond you and me 
After we live we die 
To me or any atheist this cannot be denied 
Everything that has a beginning 
Has an ending 
But I want to rewind
Not to the creation or even the beginning of time 
But simply before we die 
Because according to an atheist after death we are non-existent
And before we were born according to an atheist we were non-existent 
So hold on that makes it two 
Twice we are dead in our journey all the way through 
So deny the future and deny you can never be given life after death 

I tell you first you were dead and then you took your first breath 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Room to Grow

We all have our temptations and faults 
Our internal assaults 
But one thing we all share in common 
There is something in our life, some indecent act that is calling 
A temptation at times that make us think if only the first time I encountered this I hadn't fallen 
So the cycle continues and the addiction is real 
So how do we deal 
For some the truth is in order to see the ordeal the pain one must feel 
Which draws me back in time to a beautiful line 
A smart man learns from his mistakes
While a wise man learns from other people's takes 
In order to get to where we want for some however, some must walk through the valley of the shadow of death 
A process that may involve pain 
But no fear there will be gain
Because you see I am a Muslim and I was given a message 
Not only for Muslims but a universal message 
That with hardship comes ease 
And sometimes the hardest and ironically the easiest part is to simply believe 
Because in order to achieve you have to believe 
Believe in yourself 
Believe in God 
Believe that you as a human being matter 
And no longer use the excuse you're a slacker 
Will things change tonight I don't know 
But just remember one thing 

As long as you're alive there is room to grow 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Strength in Measure

I can't begin to measure 
The pleasure 
Of Islam as my religion and my treasure 
Because mark my words the more you attack the truth 
The greater it comes back in force 
To attack the truth is simply to expose the truth 
Nine - eleven was simply an act of terror 
But was it the mistake of the religion or a few men in error
Because ever since nine - eleven more conversions have been made as we have this  conversation 
More reversions have accumulated in this nation 
And more burden has been placed on Islamic condemnation
But you can never burden The One who is free 
Because without Him you truly wouldn't be 
But I would like to take a look at things from a different perspective 
Not from Fox News who have clearly made their rejection
Because while the media tells us Islam is growing larger and larger in threat 
The more they fail to show us the vast amount of numbers entering this religion without a sweat
But if the truth is that when a few in Islam act an entire people are categorized 
Then the truth is when bigots speak their mind, even though they may be few, they will be recognized 
To speak of less than 1% and sole handedly stereotype the other 99 is just not fine 
Because while you look at me like I'm the cancer 

I look to you, extend my hand out in peace, and show you that I am the answer 

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Part 1

When your elite 
There is no one with whom to compete 
You are in essence complete 
Well that's what they told themselves 
You see it started before the time of pharaoh 
Even before the time of Abraham 
Even before Abraham did stand
It even happened before the creation of man 
You see the devil has always had a plan 
This life is his 
And now that the time has arrived 
The devil has never been more alive 
Man was never meant for this world 
However with the help of a devil they were able to get on another level 
The plan has been there since the beginning 
But it is just recently that they have truly been manifesting 
And the world doesn't seem to be resisting 
His name was Mark Elite 
A brilliant business man 
It all started with a business plan that involved a few coins and some gold where he did stand 
He realized by giving out loans and charging interest 
It would be in his best interest 
The time was the 1800s
And this marked the beginning to his ultimate business 
You see by loaning people money and then charging them for that money you in essence enslave people 
It's not unbelievable 
But it didn't stop there 
Mark told himself it would be in his greatest interest to enslave not laymen 
But rather kingsmen 
So what did Mark do 
He forgot about me and you 
And enslaved nations 
And trained his relations 
That is his sons the secret of his trade 
And how to truly be paid 
In the words of Mark give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws
Forget the laws forget the flaws 
Mark succeeded with his awe 
And around 1875 Mark passed on 
But his children did stay strong 
Moving around the world and following his plan 
His oldest son Albert who was the leader of the Elite's at the moment 
Had an epiphany and it all started in a dream 
A scene 
It was  mysterious figure speaking to him with his inspiration 
Oh Albert 
Oh Albert 
Oh Albert 
Your youngest brother Howard is about to end what your father began 
In his dream Albert spoke and this is what he said 
What's going to happen 
So the mysterious figure replied for the past century I've been keeping my eyes on your family 
And I think it's time I introduce me 
I am unlike no other 
I am the true father 
And at the same time your brother 
And your youngest brother 
Is going to be causing a lot of problems 
At the end of the day there must be a sacrifice 
And Howard must be the sacrifice
His blood will suffice 
And I promise you I'll help rebuild your empire 
I can't tell you now what has already been decreed 

But when the time is right I'll need you to believe   

Comment if you want to hear part 2

Monday, March 9, 2015

New book coming soon

It's been a while since I've posted on here, but I've been working. My new book called "Islamic Poetry I" should be out on iTunes for free as well as if you use Kindle. It should be out in a month. I'll keep you guys posted. I want to thank anyone reading this and who had enjoyed my poetry in the past