Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Take you away

Come with me
I wanna take your breath away
And then when I'm done I wanna take you away
To an exotic place far from here
But stay near
Because you are dear
Dear to my heart
I mean when I first saw you my heart simply stopped
And when you held my hand my heart dropped
And there is nothing that can be topped
When we looked into each other's eyes
When I see past that disguise
I see you scared and confused
A part of you abused
But I don't want you to feel by me you will ever be used
I don't want to hurt you
Because I like you
Everything is going to work out
The way it should work out
Everything happens for a reason
I mean you're the reason Id commit treason
You are the sweet to my treat
You are my get away
That takes all my problems makes them go away
So allow me into your heart
You can call me Casanova
Because with words I'm able to start
A super nova
That will light the deepest caves and the deepest of waters within the sea
So all I gotta say is please
Come with me