Thursday, October 10, 2013

An Unexpected Marriage

She was obviously frightened
And when I approached her her arms tightened
I told her you have to leave
She told me she would if she could and that you had believe
Outside these mosque's walls lied a riot
And I couldn't make it through it
She asked if she could stay the night
But he told her tonight
He would be alone with her
And they would condemn him and her
She told him she had no where to go
And this fear in her he had to know
He told her then stay on one side
And I would remain studying on the other side
As the hours passed so did temptation
I just wanted to talked to her
She saw me and saw something peculiar
Every now and then he'd hold his hand over a candle until he couldn't take it
Then he would remove his hand and shake it
This happened all night
And I wondered what kind of person would do this
But I remained on the opposite side like he said
And at around 3 he laid
And as drowsiness began to creep
He decided to sleep
He woke up around 2 hours later and proclaimed the call to prayer
And when I heard him I knew to this call he was no stranger
After the prayer completed
I asked
What were you doing with the candle
He told her I would study and when I felt shaytan approach and I desired to talk to you I knew this I couldn't handle
So I held my hand over the fire
And told myself this would be a result if I followed my desire
She quickly left after prayer
And in his eyes he felt he'd never see her
But he made it through the night
The next day the young man was approached by her father
Quickly scared that he had done wrong
He immediately told me he saw in me something strong
Based on what I heard
From my daughters word
I want to marry my daughter to you
I simply said thank you
But I am a janitor at the mosque with little money
He smiled and told me I am a very rich man and everything is covered
I slowly began to weep
He asked me what's wrong
I told him the entire night all I prayed for was for Allah to send me a wife because this struggle was so difficult
He smiled and told me you made it

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For You

What I would do
What I would do for you
I'd write you a rhyme
Then put my life on the line
All for you
Just to get through to you
To show you
How much I need you
But I've always wondered would you
Do the same
Or would you simply play a game
And introduce your name
As complicated
But you truly are amazing
Just the way you are
No matter your name
You are my game
And if I don't score your heart
Surely I'm the loser
The mental abuser
All I gotta say is
I don't wanna lose her