Thursday, September 26, 2013


In the nights stillness
I feel the darkness
Filled with so much sadness
Over my lost Adele
What I would do to have her back
What I would sell
So as I was walking one day
In my head talking that day
A man approached me
Saying I know about Adele
Immediately puzzled by his words that were gentle
There he stood
He began to talk
He said you don't know me
And it's only through choice you can see me
I have heard your call and I am here for your answer
I have a cure for what is eating your heart like a cancer
They say when you've lost hope you'll believe anything
So I asked
What must I do
I just want the Adele back so I can tell her I love you
He said
You told yourself you'd sell anything for her right
I simply replied I love her right
He spoke
I can bring her back but first you must invoke
My name
My name is Apollyon
Tonight before you sleep as you weep
Call upon my name six times
Confused by the request I told myself Id give it a try
After all without her I'd rather die
So as away go the lights
And that night
I sat on the side of my bed and I whispered
Apollyon, Apollyon, Apollyon, Apollyon, Apollyon, Apollyon
Sleep crept into a new depth quickly
As I fell asleep I had a dream
A beautiful scene
There she was Adele and she spoke to me
It was like I was in control even though I was dreaming
She asked me what have I done
I told her what's wrong
She told me you need to forget about me and forget this man you met named Apollyon
But it doesn't matter I'm seeing you now
But she asked me if you love me you'll ignore this man
Immediately puzzled I woke up
Why wasn't she excited to see me
But I woke up smiling knowing I saw her
Immediately ignoring her call I was looking forward to meeting this man again
So the next day I was walking
In my head talking
There Apollyon approached me
It was an excellent destiny
He asked me did you see her
I replied I saw her
He said did I tell you a lie
I told him this I would never deny
I immediately began to cry
He spoke
I gave you the opportunity to see her in your dreams
What if I told you I could bring her into this scene
This world
I told him I'd do anything
So he told me
Tonight in your dream you shall see me
So when you see me in your dream
You must prostrate to me and repeat my name six times
The day seemed long wondering what would happen tonight
The time passed
Surely time never lasts
I fell asleep that night well
Like Apollyon said I saw him in my dream
He told me you know what you need to do
So I prostrated and repeated his name six times
There she appeared
She spoke
Go back
This man is no good
But how can that be when he has brought you to me
Forget about me
Adele i can never forget about you
You are my destiny
I woke up that morning looking around my house waiting for her to be there
She was nowhere to be seen
It was just a dream
That day I met Apollyon and I was angry with him
He told me there was one last thing I must do
And you'll wait will finally be over
You shall live a life of eternity with a burning desire
What must I do
Tonight before you sleep
You must prostrate but as you do that you must weep
Mention my name six times while your forehead is on the floor
And ask as you please
And you shall receive
And I do not deceive
After today you shall never see me in this world
Not understanding what he meant I went home all alone that night
I prostrated and said his name Apollyon six times
I didn't even make it to my bed before slumber overtook me
I fell on my bed
There she was Adele
she spoke
What have you done
Wait what. What did I do
You invoked the devil and said his name six times three times
Don't you get it
The number of the beast
And Apollyon is a name of Lucifer
My baby your never going to wake up
Wait isn't that great news I'll be with you forever like he promised
You don't get it he told you you'd live a burning desire
Your damned to hell to burn desiring to be released
Immediately Apollyon walked into the dream
Into the scene
Laughing at me
I told you I'd grant you an eternal burning desire
You'll be burning and I'll be watching you fulfilling my desire
I immediately woke up
It was all a dream from the beginning
I look to my right and there she is Adele
Quickly alarmed I put my hands on her face
It was nothing more than a nightmare


I know you get lost in my words
Losing your words
But don't feel like your friendship hasn't been heard
Just give me the word
And I'll be there
I want you to know from a friend I care
Sometimes in the future you may make me mad
And you may make me sad
But one thing I'll never lose
Is the feeling of being glad
Glad that you are my friend
A friend till the end
Whether we get married after I get a job in 5 years :)
Or if we remain friends :)
So allow these words to absorb you
And take you away
Allow my words to take your breath away
From a friend to a friend
I pray this never comes to an end