Friday, January 18, 2013

You know

You know what this poem is all about
It's all about you of course
Your special
Whoever you are reading this
You'll never realizing all your blessing
It's you I'm addressing
You might not have the guy or girl of your dream
But your alive
Take a pause and hold your breath for thirty seconds
You'll never realize how much of a blessing every breath you take is
Until its gone
So deprive yourself from life and take a look around
Your life is quite sound
I know things might suck
But some people would be blessed if they had 5 dollars in their pocket after working all day
Some desire to have a home that isn't under a bridge
Some desire that food was so accessible all you have to do is open a fridge
Millions wish one of their family members was still alive
Take a look
Your blessings might have you shook
Just look in the mirror and just smile
Sounds stupid but you have teeth
And not only that your blessed to have a dentist who takes care of them for you
Some people just look for money so they can come home and give their family a few pieces of bread and oil
Jew Christian Muslim
Your alive
And I know
Sometimes we don't want to be
But you gotta see
What I see
A blessing

Thursday, January 10, 2013


They said I could always dream
The most beautiful scenes
But dreams can be far from reality
Especially when it's reality
But emotionally
I need it to be destiny
I need you here with me now
I need you to complete me
So you can see me
For me
In the end ultimately
I want you with me
But let's be honest
I put as much hope
In you as I put in the pope
If only I had a rope
To tie you in with
So I can breathe
Knowing at night when I turn around
I'll have someone breathing on my neck

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A loving finalé

They met when they were only 16
They had the best of dreams
But love only ends with a terrible loss
It can appear to be a beautiful scene
But in the end we all do die
But it's not when
But how
They were torn apart at 18
And lived their lived in loneliness
So much sadness
At the age of 45 Mark was diagnosed with cancer
And finding Layla was the answer
The disease spread like a poison
Filled with so much passion
At the age of 44 Layla was deeply struck when she saw her lost love
In the obituaries
Not knowing what to do
She overdosed that night
Telling herself
If she couldn't be with him in this world
She would see him in the next
Is that it?
This can't be
But this is life
And sometimes you don't find a wife
All you receive is a knife
To end the sorrow
The striking cut we receive through the marrow
You think this is sad
Well it isn't
It's life
But if life could be so pure
It makes me realize there has to be more
More than just some cheap whore
More than just some score
Where do we go when we die
Do we fly
Does our family cry
But we need hope
It's what kept Mark going through his cancer
It was Layla's answer
They might not have had each other all their life
But they had hope
One might ask where does it take us then
Mark and Layla were reunited that very night when she died
They held hands in the sky
Neither entering heaven nor hell
But what does it matter to them
They had each other

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Am I having a delusion
Or is this simply confusion
I wonder what life would be like if things were different
We all do sometimes
What if my parents were different
What if I wasn't born this way
Or what if she had just said yes
Well destiny is destiny
And for some it will set free
And some it will imprison
But we all have one thing
We all have potential
Even the weakest man can become a martyr
We might not have the potential to be on the NFL as a starter
But we have to take what we get
And learn to forget
Otherwise we'll live in regret

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Run Away

They tell me that you'll never be with me
But can't you see
Your my destiny
So run away with me
I don't care where
From the stars to the moon
As long as I can be your groom
Girl I love you
I was searching for a specific girl
And when I found you I didn't find a girl
I found a pearl
A diamond in the rough
And to die for you wouldn't be tough
So just take my hand
And stand
As my woman
I'll be your Conan
I'll be your icing on the cake
With you I always want to be awake
I'll tell you every night
Your my sunlight
And your the reason I breathe
Us is what I believe
But I know your father said no
Told you you and I will never grow
Don't listen to him
Listen to me
Love me
I swear I'll never leave
Your the air I breathe
So just take my hand
Lets run away
It's all I demand