Wednesday, October 24, 2012


As I stare upon this grave
I ask you Lord to be saved
Everyone chooses their religion
But you my Lord are my decision
As the tears roll down my face
As I quickly pick up my pace
I want it to be true
This religion that I speak of I want it to be true
I want the ending to be as sweet as a fairy tale
Something so sweet without the stale
Something so beautiful it will turn a pale
To the colors of a rainbow
Without the ugliness of a mellow
No good piece of crap
I want it without a snap
So I sit here at the grave
And I think what is to come
How will I pave
My life to be
Or has it already been paved
And I have already been saved
In the end it doesn't matter about the past
So as I sit here at the grave
Wishing I was saved
Wishing the pain I felt
Was not done in vain
This pain I've experienced
Will do me nothing but gain
A life in a world never imagined
A life so sweet so stunningly fashioned
I speak of pain
When in reality I know none of pain
I am merely a pawn in a game of rain
Where drops fall down so fast they don't even leave a stain
So as I sit here staring at the grave
I ask you Lord
One last time to be saved

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I can take you away today
With my sweet melody
Don't worry with me you have security
For infinity
You are my serenity
My remedy
Ill scream at the top of every mountain
I love that girl
And yea She's mine
She's the reason I rhyme
Time after time
Ill cry in my life for three moments
When I remember my lord
The day You bear me my first child
And the day we depart
And I know together we'll start
Something so out of this world
And who would ever thought it all started with a melody

Nice Guy

I'm a nice guy
But sometimes being the nice guy
Doesn't make you the wise guy
You can't judge a man on his "niceness"
Because his true soul is priceless
So the question begins
What should we judge a man based off
If you are asking that's the problem
You shouldn't judge
Because only God can judge
Man can advise
And one should advise when he sees lies
But look to yourself
Before looking at an other
And judge yourself
Before thinking about judging a brother