Friday, July 13, 2012


True strength isn't fire
It's about controlling your desire
Controlling yourself around a liar
Choosing to be a crier
Rather than a whiner
True strength is control
Having that hold
On life's mold
It's not always about being bold
Sometimes to win we must fold
True strength is a man or a woman
Who can stand
For justice
To fight injustice
True strength
Is fighting lust
And lust is more than in the eyes of a woman
Lust is a desire
Lust is true strength's worst enemy
Lust is the devil's best friend
True strength is about controlling
What leaves your mouth
And enters your mouth
True strength
Lies within the mind
It is our design
And the best design
Is the design
Of our Prophets
Our Prophet
Peace be upon them all
Because truly they are the ones that stand tall
And never 
Never do they fall
Unless its in submittance to their lord
True strength
Can be labeled weak
True strength
Is what I want

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beautiful Day

I must say
That today
Has been
A beautiful day
For the past 24 hours
I have felt showers
Of blessings
Is it a coincidence all the time spent
Was at the mosque
And I hope for that
I will be shaded underneath's Allah's hat
On the day of Judgment
Or should I say throne
This day has gotten me to reflect
And deflect the haram
And repent
This masjid is heaven sent
Like predestination
How Allah already knows our destination
A man once said to Umar bin Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him)
I couldn't help my mistakes it was destiny
So Umar turns to him and says
It is now my destiny
To give you your destiny
Your punishment
Oh Allah
I supplicated to You
In hopes that You
Attach my heart to the masjid
And never rid
This world of its masajids
I hope that You
Can allow all the Muslims
To feel the way I do now
Because Allah
I love you now


All your life
You were taught to lower your gaze
And now
In this moment
You begin to raise
Not to some random girl
But to your wife
Now every time
You smiled in her face
Looked her in the eyes
And gave her a beautiful rhyme
Allah would reward you
Now life gets harder the more we grow
But the moments
Get better just to let you know
So I look in her eyes now
And tell her how
Much you love her
Describe to her
Her beauty
And every night
Sleep with any woman
Other than her
Surely from now on
You can have your moment

When You Love

When you love
You cheat
You bring agony
You bring pain
No gain
Just a stain
But when I...
When I love
I'm humble
I apologize too much
And say I love you too much
I don't cheat
And I don't beat
All I want to do is meet
Greet you
Make love to you
You see I'm the kind of guy
When I tell a girl something
I keep my word
I never say no
And when I make you cry
I cry
I don't lie
And I tell you with you
I never want to die

Monday, July 2, 2012


Tonight I failed
Surely if you aren't the forgiver
I have no savior
The devil won the battle tonight
And I swear I tried to fight
I asked for you to show me the light
But I was blind in the sight
My hearing had no might
And my thoughts were in the night
But you promise me forgiveness
And you didn't take my soul
And you didn't lead me to the coal
I have a new goal
Tomorrow night will be different
I shall not weep out of forgiveness
But I shall weep out of thanks
I shall weep tonight out of sorrow
With the goal to see tomorrow
I know I made a mistake
But believe me when I say
I love you
Allah I love you
I love you
Oh Allah grant me paradise
Grant me paradise
Grant me paradise
Oh Allah protect me from hell
Protect me from hell
Protect me from hell
Because I surely fear
If you take my soul tonight
I won't see anything right
All I shall see is hell
And fall in the deepest darkest hottest well
Hear me
See me
Believe me
I love you
And love me
And forgive me

My Enemy

I don't see you
But you see me
You flow through my veins like blood
I know who you are
You are my enemy
I hate you for the sake of Allah
You are Iblees
You are no king
You are weak
But I am no match for you without Allah
Your throne lays on the water
But I have something you don't
I have the ability to prostrate to Allah
You couldn't even prostrate to Adam
You are arrogant
I am more ignorant than you
But I am not arrogant in Allah's will
Tonight I shall weep
And you will attempt to creep
Into my mind
But I will testify
As I cry
That Allah is one and He is my one
My light in the darkness
My sight in the darkness
My hearing in the darkness
I will never kill you
But you will never kill me
And if you do
Insha'Allah I'll die a shaheed
Dying on a good deed
You are nothing but a weed
Within beautiful flowers that blossom
You are
My enemy