Saturday, May 26, 2012

What You've Given Me

Oh Allah
What have you given me
You said be
And now I can see
You gave me breath
Till my death
You've given me light
So I can see with my sight
You've given me a home
Where I can write my poem
Now it's my turn
I want
I want to see it with my eyes
I want to
Cry for you
Live for you and
Die for you
I want another life
I want a wife
I want a girl with a knife
To pierce my heart
And start
Beautiful emotions
I want to start my motions
I want protection from the feds
I want kids
Beautiful kids
That light my day
I want to walk into their room
After I'm done cleaning with my broom
While they're sleeping
And I want to be kissing
Their foreheads
Their cheeks
And just stare
At your creation
More beautiful to me
Than any nation
I want that sensation
You've given me life
Now help me produce life


inkspiring19, com said...

Enjoyed reading all your poetry. But this one really spoke to me. I really felt the unselfish love being born in you when you allowed this child into your heart and set it a blaze with the possibilities of a future in dying to self through your own wife and child someday. It brought me back to the day my nephew was born and felt the same desire to love that you explained. When my brother became a missionary to China and left with his family was the day I decided it was time to start a family of my own.
I am trying to write more poetry (my first love in writing) on my blog. Any advice for how to get readers)?

TheAshMan88 said...

Umm, what I did was just spam my page on twitter and facebook, like 10 times a day, I prayed to God that he would help me be the most famous poet that ever existed. And I told all my friends about it. You could even go as far as making business cards for cheap with the site on it and just pass it to everyone you know. And remember write for fun not for the attention. The attention will come