Monday, May 28, 2012


This is a love story
About a guy and his glory
Better yet I should say this is a one sided love story
About a guy after love
Not love from above
But to make love
Which by the way I truly hate
And discriminate
You make sex with a stranger
You make love with your true love
So he finds a girl
Tells her she's beautiful
She falls for him
And together they chill
Until one day he decides he's ready
Looks her in the eyes and tells her
I'm ready
What the girl didn't know
Is this is a score
He didn't care for her
Hell he didn't even think she was beautiful
He just wanted to make a girl to make
And procreate
So I warn you girls
Wait till your married
Because a real man will wait for you
And will hold on all the way through

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