Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm walking
Refraining from talking
Because when the anger grows
The angry word blows
Like fiery snow
That comes down
All around
I gotta get away
I can't stay
Cause I don't want to spit fire
And say things with regret
That I want to forget
I have my mind set
They told me to stay
But I told them if I stay today
I'm going to speak with anger
And anger is one letter short of danger
An angry word is relief for a second
But can be nothing but regret for a lifetime
So I'm walking away
And I rhyme
Line by line
Rhyme by rhyme
I might not be as smart as Einstein
But I know when I gotta go
I gotta go
So learn a lesson from this flow
And walk away fast
And pace yourself slow

1 comment:

jessica said...

I like the thoughts in the poem. I read several of your poems. I hope you keep writing and expressing yourself.