Friday, May 25, 2012


Look in my eyes
We will be forever
I promise you
I will hold you hand
As we stand
And enter Paradise
You are my love
And I love
I Need you
I Have to have you
I can't get us off my mind
It must be God's design
That he blessed me with someone
Like you
Your love reminds me of the rip tides
So strong
Like the waves
Except with no crash
We have our oily spots
But they never mix with the love we have
Like water and oil
Within us is the most beautiful life in this earth
At night you glow
And all I want to do is show
You off
I'm in ecstasy
When I see
Us together


Ghaania said...

hey this is some very lovely poetry I ever read :) your specialty is worth appreciating. Keep it up and I will be happy. Good luck!

TheAshMan88 said...

Thank you so much :)