Tuesday, May 29, 2012


What is it?
Where is it?
We all have it
Some deny it
But we are more than just electricity
Our emotions are more than just elasticity
We all have a soul
But is it a hole
In the body
In one part of the body
Or is it scattered all throughout
I wonder about
What it looks like
Does it have its own thoughts
If I get shot
What happens to it
Does it feel love
Or is that our mind
I know it's Allah's design
Does it have its own sign
Its own signature
Does it feel the truth
When the real scripture is read to it
Does it know the ruth-
Less lies
When it hears it
My biggest wonder
I ponder
What happens to it when we sleep
Does it sleep
Does it weep
When it sees a sad dream
Does it get mad
When it sees a mad dream
Will I ever find out
Probably not
All I know for now is
We all have a soul

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