Friday, May 25, 2012


Its raining down my face
Because you're gone forever
I don't want to live
Because now your gone I can't thrive ever
My breath is weak
Lord why, all I seek
Is her
I just met her yesterday
The rain begins to pour
And I'm staring at the grave
Why didn't you take me
She was a better person than me
GOD I hate you
You stole the one thing in my life
That made sense
My wife
I'm sorry God for cursing you
But now that she's gone I feel cursed
It's like I'm the one who should be hearsed
Water is dripping down my face
And I feel so much disgrace
I know you can hear me
I love you
I won't leave your grave
I have no idea what your about to go through
And if it was up to me
You'd be seeing paradise now
But I guess this is how
Life works
We all die
We all cry
You were born crying
Now your leaving this world
Everyone else is crying
I feel like a part of me died
The moment I lost you
The sun is setting
And if it weren't for the two beautiful kids you bore me
I would stay here forever
In the rain

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