Sunday, May 27, 2012

Only A Matter Of Time

This poem was written by a dear friend of mind.  You can add him on Facebook his link is  I hope you guys enjoy it, I sure did.

Corruption seems to reside all around us
From the heart of the government
To the back of the school bus
We complain and protest but continue to live
Without doing anything
We continue to forgive
But if we keep this up our children will pay
Pay for our mistakes
Because we were too scared to say
That enough is enough
It is time to take a stand
They may think of it as a bluff
But we will fight for our land
No doubt it will be tough
But together we will withstand
Anything because its only a matter of time
Before your punished for your crime
We will burn your shrine
We will kill your swine
We will spill your wine
And when the Muslims unite
We will resurrect Palestine

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