Sunday, May 27, 2012

Old Love

The best love
Is not the new love
Its the love
That lasts
The one that is more than the past
I want that
I hope for that
I pray for that
I want her to yell at me
And I want to smile
Her not knowing
That I'm staring
At the most beautiful
In my eyes
More beautiful
Than any nation
I want comfort
I want to yell at her
And know she'll never leave me
But I'm not planning on it
But all relationships have their arguments
But the most amazing thing is
Like a bone
When it breaks
It always grows back stronger
Living longer
I'm tired of being a loner
I feel empty
I want a partner in crime
Someone I can spend time
Someone I can stare at and rhyme
I want a dime
Plus 99
I'll be the one
That makes one
I want love
New love
Old love

1 comment:

Orked Jasmine Juhari said...

For the rest of our life.