Friday, May 25, 2012

My Name is Hope

This poem represents the hope that we see all throughout our lives without knowing it.  The following poem is a story of a man who gives up, but for you people who believe in God, he finds a message through a boy.  If you don't' believe in God, well you gotta say theoretically anything is possible.  Atheist or religious, I just hope you enjoy this poem.

I'm poor
Sleeping on the floor
I'm living under a bridge
Within nothing in my life
No wife
Just one knife
And I've been debating whether I should do it
I'm worthless
I have nothing going for me
I guess it was bad destiny
I grab the knife with my left hand
And scream Lord I demand
If you don't want me to do this
Then stop me
Show me a sign
When all of a sudden a young boy comes out of nowhere
Beating his little drum
And says
Mister Mister
My name is Hope

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