Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lady Love

My lady love
I'll find you
Like the homeless finds the dove
Whether your below or above
I'll find you
And we'll be together
And never say never
I'll find you
Rich or poor
Together we'll be the perfect score
Down to the core
Let me let you know
That together we'll grow
I'm not going anywhere
I'm waiting
For us to be dating
And I'm stating
That we'll be perfect for each other
And you won't be like any other
I want you now
And I don't know how
I'm going to wait
For that perfect date
Or is it too late
Did I already miss you
If only there was a cue
To know if I should pursue
Or pass you through
I wish it was easy
Because I can't find you
I can't find you
I'm so alone
Sitting here at home
I feel like a loner
And if I did drugs
Right now I'd be a stoner

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