Friday, May 25, 2012


This is a disease
I'm begging you please
No one should feel this
No one deserves this
Something so far from bliss
I'm waiting
For that wife
To be dating
That one
As bright as the sun
I pray
You the reader
Finds someone
I feel like I have nothing
I want this emotion
To halt its motion
I want somebody to mind
By God's design
No I don't feel fine
I hate to whine
But I want you
I know your somewhere out there
I want someone to care
To dare and stare
I want life to be fair
I'm not going anywhere without you
I haven't met you
But I know I love you
Where are you
All I feel now
Is nothing
But something
This sick emotion
My heart needs lotion
To keep up with the rain
That comes out my eyes
I need this to end
I need a friend
Will you be my friend
Where are you now
When I need you the most
So I guess I shall make a toast
Because I believe
I will achieve
the end of this


Anonymous said...

feel sad reading this.. pray that things are well with u now

TheAshMan88 said...

Oh thanks it was just a moment