Monday, May 28, 2012

I Love You

I love you
You are my sweetheart
You are my heart
And now
You're the only one that can break it apart
You know what to do
To get me through
My day
I just want to lay
With you
Be with you
Sleep with you
I've said it before to others
But I mean it now
And I'll say it some more to no others
I love you
This feeling is crazy
It drives me
Pushes me
I can no longer say I'm lazy
I love you
More than anyone in this world
I just want to curl
With you by a fire
Maybe some hot chocolate
And some marshmallows
Feeling far from me mellow
While I whisper in your ear
You are mine
You are fine
More holy to me more than any shrine
A diamond
And I love you

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