Friday, May 25, 2012

I love her

This poem mixes a little bit of religion with love.  If you don't believe in God I still believe you can enjoy the poem and capture the meaning of it.  If you believe in God then it will simply beautify it even more.  Oh by the way if your an atheist I respect what you believe and I hope you can respect what I believe.  Just read it all the way through before you critique.

I'm scared of you Allah
But I know one thing
Its not enough
I fear the fire
But not enough
I'm scared of losing everything
Of giving her that ring
And the news that she's gone
I want to spend the rest of my life with this girl
She's beyond gorgeous
She's beyond stunning
She has me running
And gunning
For that moment when our paths unite
When the magic sparks and the light
Blinds my sight
This is right
I know what I'm doing
And I know where I'm going
She's going to be my wife
My life
And with the strife of life
There is no one
That I feel this way for
I love my parents
And I hope they understand
I'm marrying her for Allah
Not love
Not money
Not me
But for Allah
So I call upon you Allah
To help
To say be
And allow her to be destiny
Help me
Allow her to be my love in this life
As my wife
And my love in paradise
Allow her to be my hur al ayn (women of paradise)
Because she leaves a stain
And my eyes use to rain
Its insane
I've never felt this way before
I never knew what it would be like
To have someone return the feeling
Allah its so appealing
She has my heart and she's stealing
I don't feel the beating in my heart
Because she stole my life's beat
God this is so sweet
Why do I deserve this treat
I feel so elite
I made a mistake
I partake
Not meeting her sooner
But all I can do is ask for forgiveness
You Allah as my witness
I love her
I want to stare her in the eyes
And tell her no lies
I love you
But I truly feel those words are weak
To compare to how I feel

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