Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Call

So I was alone
At home
With my love in the hospital
She had in her chest
A cancer
Eating her alive
And I was the one crying
She was so brave
Telling me Allah would save
Be with her
Comfort her
Its been 4 months now and the chemotherapy isn't working
It's 3 AM now
And the phone rings now
May I speak to Joseph
This is him
I'm sorry
WHAT what do you mean sorry
She didn't make it
The phone drops
And I get on my knees
God please
Tell me why
I'm sorry for questioning you but why
Why did you have to take her
I can't take it anymore
I'm breaking apart
And my heart
Is blown to pieces
My very soul ceases
My face has no emotion
But tears are in motion
Lotion to my eyes
I look in the mirror
My eyes are red from staying up all night
In fright
Of this moment
Of this call

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