Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When You Love

When you love...
You cheat
Your bring agony
You bring pain
No gain
Just a stain
But when I
When I love...
I'm humble
I apologize too much
And say I love you too much
I don't cheat
And I don't beat
All I want do is meet
Greet you
Make love to you
You see I'm the kind of guy
When I tell a girl something
I keep my word
I never say no
And when I make you cry
I cry
I don't lie
And I tell you with you
I never want to die


Reminder you can interchange Allah with God for your simple pleasure.  Allah is Arabic name of God.  Just as it used in the Arabic Bible.

Oh Allah as my witness
I want a father's princess
To be my queen
I'm trying to desperately to wean
Off my shortcomings
I want to be perfect
Because I want her to be happy with me
She's not going to be perfect
But in my mind she will be
I know you feel me
You appeal to me
Because I appeal to you
And everything you do
Makes me want to say
I love you
I don't know what to do with myself
Now that as Lord as my witness
I found you
And now
I am
The Witness


I'm walking
Refraining from talking
Because when the anger grows
The angry word blows
Like fiery snow
That comes down
All around
I gotta get away
I can't stay
Cause I don't want to spit fire
And say things with regret
That I want to forget
I have my mind set
They told me to stay
But I told them if I stay today
I'm going to speak with anger
And anger is one letter short of danger
An angry word is relief for a second
But can be nothing but regret for a lifetime
So I'm walking away
And I rhyme
Line by line
Rhyme by rhyme
I might not be as smart as Einstein
But I know when I gotta go
I gotta go
So learn a lesson from this flow
And walk away fast
And pace yourself slow

Just Say My Name

You know what I want tonight
I want to see you in the light
Saying my name
It doesn't take much
And such
To make me smile
When you're in the picture
I'll be your mister
And I'm going to steal you from your sister
Everyone else is like a blister
And I just want to ignore them
And say your name
This is beauty
I want it to be destiny
Just say my name
And set me free


Before hand if you get confused and your not Muslim and you don't know what Allah is, it's simply God's name in Arabic.  If you feel more comfortable just replace God with Allah wherever you see it.  Hope you enjoy this one.  (Read it twice to capture the entire meaning)

Some might ask if
With Allah's power
Why is there murder
Why do the innocent die
I'll tell you why
Because Allah gave us a free will
With the potential to do well
But still with the potential
With the free will
Man has the choice to kill

But remember one thing
Evil does not come from Allah
It is man
Who decides to become a fan
Of evil
Like Iblees (Arabic word for Lucifer, Satan, aka the devil)
Who chose his path
It is man who kills
It is man who rapes

Allah doesn't murder anyone out of vain
Allah doesn't rape anyone

But it is man like I said it before
And I'll say it again

Allah gave us a free will

And would it not be hypocritical of Allah
To remove the free will that people have

But Allah is the most just
And for every reason there is a must

Everything will be justified
Even the non horned sheep
With the horned sheep

Narrated by Abu Hurairah : The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him said): "Certainly, the rights of every people will be restored on the Day of Resurrection, until even the hornless sheep will settle the score with the horned sheep."

So if something was done to you
With injustice
Know in your heart
That just will be set

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


What is it?
Where is it?
We all have it
Some deny it
But we are more than just electricity
Our emotions are more than just elasticity
We all have a soul
But is it a hole
In the body
In one part of the body
Or is it scattered all throughout
I wonder about
What it looks like
Does it have its own thoughts
If I get shot
What happens to it
Does it feel love
Or is that our mind
I know it's Allah's design
Does it have its own sign
Its own signature
Does it feel the truth
When the real scripture is read to it
Does it know the ruth-
Less lies
When it hears it
My biggest wonder
I ponder
What happens to it when we sleep
Does it sleep
Does it weep
When it sees a sad dream
Does it get mad
When it sees a mad dream
Will I ever find out
Probably not
All I know for now is
We all have a soul

The Call

So I was alone
At home
With my love in the hospital
She had in her chest
A cancer
Eating her alive
And I was the one crying
She was so brave
Telling me Allah would save
Be with her
Comfort her
Its been 4 months now and the chemotherapy isn't working
It's 3 AM now
And the phone rings now
May I speak to Joseph
This is him
I'm sorry
WHAT what do you mean sorry
She didn't make it
The phone drops
And I get on my knees
God please
Tell me why
I'm sorry for questioning you but why
Why did you have to take her
I can't take it anymore
I'm breaking apart
And my heart
Is blown to pieces
My very soul ceases
My face has no emotion
But tears are in motion
Lotion to my eyes
I look in the mirror
My eyes are red from staying up all night
In fright
Of this moment
Of this call

Allah's Hands

I feel secure
I feel I have found the cure
And it's in Allah's hands
Today I make a stand
And open my eyes
And realize
That my protection
Is with Allah
My satisfaction
Is with Allah
And Wallah
Everything I own and have
Is from Allah
So I sit here
And fear
The God I love
Love from above
More beautiful than any dove
I love you Allah
And I don't want you to test me
But if you do test me
Do not detest me
And protect me
And always hold me
In your hand


No matter what the task
From God
Small or big
Tall or short rig
Some say well I'll get what I want
No matter if I flaunt or taunt
I say you get more than the normal person
If you ask God
Because if He wants something for you
No one can stop it
Or drop it
And no one can top God
Plus in Islam we say
That everyday
You ask God
He gives you good deeds
Just for asking
Like good seeds
That have the potential to grow
And not slow
But fast
And the rewards last
To me it is essential
To talk to God
I bet you're thinking
Oh my God?
He talks to God
He must be crazy
But as Einstein once said
There are only two ways to live your life:
As though nothing is a miracle
Or as though everything is a miracle
I choose to believe everything is a miracle

Monday, May 28, 2012


The best moment of your life
The day your wife
Gives birth to your first child
She's going to be daddy's little princess
As God as his witness
He is in tears
Running down his face
With nothing but bliss in the heart
This is a fresh start
You love her more than life
Looking at her with no hair
Just the smallest human
You've ever seen
The smallest being
It almost looks like an alien your 4 year old cousin says
You smile
Look to him
And tell him that's my baby alien
And your newest part of the family
You keep staring
With wonder
As you ponder
This came from me?
This is truly 
A moment

My Baby

You are my baby
My lady
My queen
From the unseen
Is this a dream
Because your standing right in front of me
Like it's just destiny
And I'm finally being set free
And that's what I want to do to you
Set you free
No more loneliness
No more sadness
No more depression
With you there  will be no oppression
And from here till the day I die
Will be the greatest session
The elections are over
And I've chosen you
You pierced my heart all the way through
You are my baby


I don't understand
How you can stand
And not pick up your damn phone
I'm all alone
Because I put you on a pedestal
And I'm the one who fell
You called me ten times a day
Now it's zero a day
I know you're cheating
With some other guy
I made you cry
With the words I spit for you
I told you I loved you
And you told me you loved me
I guess one of us was a liar
Now all I feel is fire
You were my desire
Now I'm all all alone at home
With no one to phone
But wait there she goes I hear the phone
I suppose
I don't even care anymore
It's over she said
I felt dead
Before she said it
But she spit it
Now I'm a rotting corpse
I gotta move on
I gotta live on
Be strong
I just hope the next girl
Isn't so shady
I'm looking for the mother of my baby

I Love You

I love you
You are my sweetheart
You are my heart
And now
You're the only one that can break it apart
You know what to do
To get me through
My day
I just want to lay
With you
Be with you
Sleep with you
I've said it before to others
But I mean it now
And I'll say it some more to no others
I love you
This feeling is crazy
It drives me
Pushes me
I can no longer say I'm lazy
I love you
More than anyone in this world
I just want to curl
With you by a fire
Maybe some hot chocolate
And some marshmallows
Feeling far from me mellow
While I whisper in your ear
You are mine
You are fine
More holy to me more than any shrine
A diamond
And I love you


This is a love story
About a guy and his glory
Better yet I should say this is a one sided love story
About a guy after love
Not love from above
But to make love
Which by the way I truly hate
And discriminate
You make sex with a stranger
You make love with your true love
So he finds a girl
Tells her she's beautiful
She falls for him
And together they chill
Until one day he decides he's ready
Looks her in the eyes and tells her
I'm ready
What the girl didn't know
Is this is a score
He didn't care for her
Hell he didn't even think she was beautiful
He just wanted to make a girl to make
And procreate
So I warn you girls
Wait till your married
Because a real man will wait for you
And will hold on all the way through

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Only A Matter Of Time

This poem was written by a dear friend of mind.  You can add him on Facebook his link is  I hope you guys enjoy it, I sure did.

Corruption seems to reside all around us
From the heart of the government
To the back of the school bus
We complain and protest but continue to live
Without doing anything
We continue to forgive
But if we keep this up our children will pay
Pay for our mistakes
Because we were too scared to say
That enough is enough
It is time to take a stand
They may think of it as a bluff
But we will fight for our land
No doubt it will be tough
But together we will withstand
Anything because its only a matter of time
Before your punished for your crime
We will burn your shrine
We will kill your swine
We will spill your wine
And when the Muslims unite
We will resurrect Palestine

Love but Fear

It's insane
How my brain
Comprehends love and fear
I love Allah so much
It's weird when I'm sinning
I should fear him
But I love him
And when I'm doing good deeds
I should love him
But I fear him
When I'm sinning in my mind
I believe it's God's design
I love him because I see hope
I feel like he's allowing me to do this
But at the same time he has reminded me of him
It's as if he wants me to stop
And drop
What I'm doing
And  I thank him for those thoughts
When I'm doing good deeds
I fear him because
I don't know if anything I'll do
Will be accepted all the way through
I love my God
But I fear my God


Greatest lie of history
Knowledge is power
Well maybe for an hour
For a good conversation
To talk about your nation
But with wisdom
With wisdom
It goes distances
To know how
To apply knowledge
Don't get me wrong knowledge is important
But when applied
That is when strength is applied
When the wrong is denied
When the lie is fried
And freedom flied
So don't stop reading
Or breeding
But simply
What you know
And grow

Old Love

The best love
Is not the new love
Its the love
That lasts
The one that is more than the past
I want that
I hope for that
I pray for that
I want her to yell at me
And I want to smile
Her not knowing
That I'm staring
At the most beautiful
In my eyes
More beautiful
Than any nation
I want comfort
I want to yell at her
And know she'll never leave me
But I'm not planning on it
But all relationships have their arguments
But the most amazing thing is
Like a bone
When it breaks
It always grows back stronger
Living longer
I'm tired of being a loner
I feel empty
I want a partner in crime
Someone I can spend time
Someone I can stare at and rhyme
I want a dime
Plus 99
I'll be the one
That makes one
I want love
New love
Old love


This religion (Islam) is growing
But some call us backwards
Because we practice stoning
But I would like to ask you
How many lives would be saved
If the punishment for zinna (unlawful sex) was disgraced
How many millions would be saved
If people were afraid to cheat
Or find heat
With random partners

How many diseases
Has God sent to those looking for releases

In random partners

Think of 

And all the other S.T.D.'s
Open your mind
I don't worry about those diseases as much
Because I'm not looking for this and such
I'm looking to sleep with one
Not just for fun
But to run

Be with

Sleep with
And if I cheat
I'm the first to admit
I need to be stoned

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Give Up

I just want the devils to give up on me
I guess I see
Until the day I die
They will try
And they will lie
But they can't defeat God's will
And until
There is no till
Because he lives forever
And never will He give up
So don't give up on me God
I'm begging you through my writing
I'm fighting
The urges
Muslim Christian or Jew
I love you
But I hate some of your actions
But never will I hate you
Unless God tells me to hate you
But right now
I hate me
I want a better destiny
I sin
And I'm afraid I'm never going to win
But don't give up
Never stop
In his mercy
I pray I see you the reader
In paradise

Love story

This is a fairy tale
About love that will never fail
A boy meets a girl
Who has put him in a whirl
So the guy sees a girl one day
And tells himself this is the day
Today I shall ask her out
And see what love is all about
So the guy finds the courage
And on this stage
Of love
Finds hope from above
The girl says yes
And guy feels no less
But filled with joy
Like he got a new toy
So he asks her out on a date
I hope with this you can relate
She says yes
And we got ourselves a little mess
Long story short
The love erupted
And his life forever interrupted
Love is bliss
And bliss is love

Lady Love

My lady love
I'll find you
Like the homeless finds the dove
Whether your below or above
I'll find you
And we'll be together
And never say never
I'll find you
Rich or poor
Together we'll be the perfect score
Down to the core
Let me let you know
That together we'll grow
I'm not going anywhere
I'm waiting
For us to be dating
And I'm stating
That we'll be perfect for each other
And you won't be like any other
I want you now
And I don't know how
I'm going to wait
For that perfect date
Or is it too late
Did I already miss you
If only there was a cue
To know if I should pursue
Or pass you through
I wish it was easy
Because I can't find you
I can't find you
I'm so alone
Sitting here at home
I feel like a loner
And if I did drugs
Right now I'd be a stoner

What You've Given Me

Oh Allah
What have you given me
You said be
And now I can see
You gave me breath
Till my death
You've given me light
So I can see with my sight
You've given me a home
Where I can write my poem
Now it's my turn
I want
I want to see it with my eyes
I want to
Cry for you
Live for you and
Die for you
I want another life
I want a wife
I want a girl with a knife
To pierce my heart
And start
Beautiful emotions
I want to start my motions
I want protection from the feds
I want kids
Beautiful kids
That light my day
I want to walk into their room
After I'm done cleaning with my broom
While they're sleeping
And I want to be kissing
Their foreheads
Their cheeks
And just stare
At your creation
More beautiful to me
Than any nation
I want that sensation
You've given me life
Now help me produce life

Friday, May 25, 2012


This is a disease
I'm begging you please
No one should feel this
No one deserves this
Something so far from bliss
I'm waiting
For that wife
To be dating
That one
As bright as the sun
I pray
You the reader
Finds someone
I feel like I have nothing
I want this emotion
To halt its motion
I want somebody to mind
By God's design
No I don't feel fine
I hate to whine
But I want you
I know your somewhere out there
I want someone to care
To dare and stare
I want life to be fair
I'm not going anywhere without you
I haven't met you
But I know I love you
Where are you
All I feel now
Is nothing
But something
This sick emotion
My heart needs lotion
To keep up with the rain
That comes out my eyes
I need this to end
I need a friend
Will you be my friend
Where are you now
When I need you the most
So I guess I shall make a toast
Because I believe
I will achieve
the end of this


They're made of fire
Smokeless fire
They whisper to you their desire
Which in the end becomes your desire
They tell you he's a liar
And this his promise is weak
That there is no paradise
Nothing you will uncover with your eyes you should seek
They can travel faster than the speed of light
They glow so bright
You can't even see them
They live in the bathroom
And they live in the sky
They will live till the day of doom
But they are weak
Weaker than man
They live by their desires
Except for those who choose to follow a religion
The faithful jinn is the strongest of them
But they are still weaker than the faithful man


Surely I am weak
But it's weird
The closer I get to God
The weaker I realize I am
How I can't even stand
But by his permission
It feels like regression
But the stronger I realize he is
The more comfort I find
Its not rewind
It's God's design
So I sit here and rhyme
I can do anything
God allows me to do
And nothing can stop me
Except God's will
But I am especially weak
When I seek
The opposite sex
They are my weakness
When I look at beauty
I think she must be a princess
And I flirt
But by God's will
The day I die
I'm going to depend on him
So I can be the weakest among men in my eyes
But their eyes
The strongest
Looks are deceiving
Sometimes please
I am weak


Look in my eyes
We will be forever
I promise you
I will hold you hand
As we stand
And enter Paradise
You are my love
And I love
I Need you
I Have to have you
I can't get us off my mind
It must be God's design
That he blessed me with someone
Like you
Your love reminds me of the rip tides
So strong
Like the waves
Except with no crash
We have our oily spots
But they never mix with the love we have
Like water and oil
Within us is the most beautiful life in this earth
At night you glow
And all I want to do is show
You off
I'm in ecstasy
When I see
Us together


Its raining down my face
Because you're gone forever
I don't want to live
Because now your gone I can't thrive ever
My breath is weak
Lord why, all I seek
Is her
I just met her yesterday
The rain begins to pour
And I'm staring at the grave
Why didn't you take me
She was a better person than me
GOD I hate you
You stole the one thing in my life
That made sense
My wife
I'm sorry God for cursing you
But now that she's gone I feel cursed
It's like I'm the one who should be hearsed
Water is dripping down my face
And I feel so much disgrace
I know you can hear me
I love you
I won't leave your grave
I have no idea what your about to go through
And if it was up to me
You'd be seeing paradise now
But I guess this is how
Life works
We all die
We all cry
You were born crying
Now your leaving this world
Everyone else is crying
I feel like a part of me died
The moment I lost you
The sun is setting
And if it weren't for the two beautiful kids you bore me
I would stay here forever
In the rain

I love her

This poem mixes a little bit of religion with love.  If you don't believe in God I still believe you can enjoy the poem and capture the meaning of it.  If you believe in God then it will simply beautify it even more.  Oh by the way if your an atheist I respect what you believe and I hope you can respect what I believe.  Just read it all the way through before you critique.

I'm scared of you Allah
But I know one thing
Its not enough
I fear the fire
But not enough
I'm scared of losing everything
Of giving her that ring
And the news that she's gone
I want to spend the rest of my life with this girl
She's beyond gorgeous
She's beyond stunning
She has me running
And gunning
For that moment when our paths unite
When the magic sparks and the light
Blinds my sight
This is right
I know what I'm doing
And I know where I'm going
She's going to be my wife
My life
And with the strife of life
There is no one
That I feel this way for
I love my parents
And I hope they understand
I'm marrying her for Allah
Not love
Not money
Not me
But for Allah
So I call upon you Allah
To help
To say be
And allow her to be destiny
Help me
Allow her to be my love in this life
As my wife
And my love in paradise
Allow her to be my hur al ayn (women of paradise)
Because she leaves a stain
And my eyes use to rain
Its insane
I've never felt this way before
I never knew what it would be like
To have someone return the feeling
Allah its so appealing
She has my heart and she's stealing
I don't feel the beating in my heart
Because she stole my life's beat
God this is so sweet
Why do I deserve this treat
I feel so elite
I made a mistake
I partake
Not meeting her sooner
But all I can do is ask for forgiveness
You Allah as my witness
I love her
I want to stare her in the eyes
And tell her no lies
I love you
But I truly feel those words are weak
To compare to how I feel


Hi my name is Ash.  There's not much to say about me that won't be revealed through my poetry.  Oh by the way I love to write poetry and I absolutely love it when people enjoy it as well.  So please tell me what you think of my work.

My Name is Hope

This poem represents the hope that we see all throughout our lives without knowing it.  The following poem is a story of a man who gives up, but for you people who believe in God, he finds a message through a boy.  If you don't' believe in God, well you gotta say theoretically anything is possible.  Atheist or religious, I just hope you enjoy this poem.

I'm poor
Sleeping on the floor
I'm living under a bridge
Within nothing in my life
No wife
Just one knife
And I've been debating whether I should do it
I'm worthless
I have nothing going for me
I guess it was bad destiny
I grab the knife with my left hand
And scream Lord I demand
If you don't want me to do this
Then stop me
Show me a sign
When all of a sudden a young boy comes out of nowhere
Beating his little drum
And says
Mister Mister
My name is Hope


This will be my first post.  I'm a fan of a poet named Rumi, now I don't think my poetry is as beautiful as his is, but here is one that I used his influence to create.  I hope you like it and tell me what you think.

Oh how amazing
Love is
It can bring breath
To death
It can bring a smile
To a frown
Turn it upside down
Without it
There would be no Just God
There be no mother
No lover
No life
No wife
Love is
A sign
That there is a purpose
A sign
That life exists
And that everything
Will be okay
It makes me smile
And I hope
Makes you smile as well
It can protect you from life's hell