Wednesday, October 24, 2012


As I stare upon this grave
I ask you Lord to be saved
Everyone chooses their religion
But you my Lord are my decision
As the tears roll down my face
As I quickly pick up my pace
I want it to be true
This religion that I speak of I want it to be true
I want the ending to be as sweet as a fairy tale
Something so sweet without the stale
Something so beautiful it will turn a pale
To the colors of a rainbow
Without the ugliness of a mellow
No good piece of crap
I want it without a snap
So I sit here at the grave
And I think what is to come
How will I pave
My life to be
Or has it already been paved
And I have already been saved
In the end it doesn't matter about the past
So as I sit here at the grave
Wishing I was saved
Wishing the pain I felt
Was not done in vain
This pain I've experienced
Will do me nothing but gain
A life in a world never imagined
A life so sweet so stunningly fashioned
I speak of pain
When in reality I know none of pain
I am merely a pawn in a game of rain
Where drops fall down so fast they don't even leave a stain
So as I sit here staring at the grave
I ask you Lord
One last time to be saved

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I can take you away today
With my sweet melody
Don't worry with me you have security
For infinity
You are my serenity
My remedy
Ill scream at the top of every mountain
I love that girl
And yea She's mine
She's the reason I rhyme
Time after time
Ill cry in my life for three moments
When I remember my lord
The day You bear me my first child
And the day we depart
And I know together we'll start
Something so out of this world
And who would ever thought it all started with a melody

Nice Guy

I'm a nice guy
But sometimes being the nice guy
Doesn't make you the wise guy
You can't judge a man on his "niceness"
Because his true soul is priceless
So the question begins
What should we judge a man based off
If you are asking that's the problem
You shouldn't judge
Because only God can judge
Man can advise
And one should advise when he sees lies
But look to yourself
Before looking at an other
And judge yourself
Before thinking about judging a brother

Friday, July 13, 2012


True strength isn't fire
It's about controlling your desire
Controlling yourself around a liar
Choosing to be a crier
Rather than a whiner
True strength is control
Having that hold
On life's mold
It's not always about being bold
Sometimes to win we must fold
True strength is a man or a woman
Who can stand
For justice
To fight injustice
True strength
Is fighting lust
And lust is more than in the eyes of a woman
Lust is a desire
Lust is true strength's worst enemy
Lust is the devil's best friend
True strength is about controlling
What leaves your mouth
And enters your mouth
True strength
Lies within the mind
It is our design
And the best design
Is the design
Of our Prophets
Our Prophet
Peace be upon them all
Because truly they are the ones that stand tall
And never 
Never do they fall
Unless its in submittance to their lord
True strength
Can be labeled weak
True strength
Is what I want

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beautiful Day

I must say
That today
Has been
A beautiful day
For the past 24 hours
I have felt showers
Of blessings
Is it a coincidence all the time spent
Was at the mosque
And I hope for that
I will be shaded underneath's Allah's hat
On the day of Judgment
Or should I say throne
This day has gotten me to reflect
And deflect the haram
And repent
This masjid is heaven sent
Like predestination
How Allah already knows our destination
A man once said to Umar bin Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him)
I couldn't help my mistakes it was destiny
So Umar turns to him and says
It is now my destiny
To give you your destiny
Your punishment
Oh Allah
I supplicated to You
In hopes that You
Attach my heart to the masjid
And never rid
This world of its masajids
I hope that You
Can allow all the Muslims
To feel the way I do now
Because Allah
I love you now


All your life
You were taught to lower your gaze
And now
In this moment
You begin to raise
Not to some random girl
But to your wife
Now every time
You smiled in her face
Looked her in the eyes
And gave her a beautiful rhyme
Allah would reward you
Now life gets harder the more we grow
But the moments
Get better just to let you know
So I look in her eyes now
And tell her how
Much you love her
Describe to her
Her beauty
And every night
Sleep with any woman
Other than her
Surely from now on
You can have your moment

When You Love

When you love
You cheat
You bring agony
You bring pain
No gain
Just a stain
But when I...
When I love
I'm humble
I apologize too much
And say I love you too much
I don't cheat
And I don't beat
All I want to do is meet
Greet you
Make love to you
You see I'm the kind of guy
When I tell a girl something
I keep my word
I never say no
And when I make you cry
I cry
I don't lie
And I tell you with you
I never want to die

Monday, July 2, 2012


Tonight I failed
Surely if you aren't the forgiver
I have no savior
The devil won the battle tonight
And I swear I tried to fight
I asked for you to show me the light
But I was blind in the sight
My hearing had no might
And my thoughts were in the night
But you promise me forgiveness
And you didn't take my soul
And you didn't lead me to the coal
I have a new goal
Tomorrow night will be different
I shall not weep out of forgiveness
But I shall weep out of thanks
I shall weep tonight out of sorrow
With the goal to see tomorrow
I know I made a mistake
But believe me when I say
I love you
Allah I love you
I love you
Oh Allah grant me paradise
Grant me paradise
Grant me paradise
Oh Allah protect me from hell
Protect me from hell
Protect me from hell
Because I surely fear
If you take my soul tonight
I won't see anything right
All I shall see is hell
And fall in the deepest darkest hottest well
Hear me
See me
Believe me
I love you
And love me
And forgive me

My Enemy

I don't see you
But you see me
You flow through my veins like blood
I know who you are
You are my enemy
I hate you for the sake of Allah
You are Iblees
You are no king
You are weak
But I am no match for you without Allah
Your throne lays on the water
But I have something you don't
I have the ability to prostrate to Allah
You couldn't even prostrate to Adam
You are arrogant
I am more ignorant than you
But I am not arrogant in Allah's will
Tonight I shall weep
And you will attempt to creep
Into my mind
But I will testify
As I cry
That Allah is one and He is my one
My light in the darkness
My sight in the darkness
My hearing in the darkness
I will never kill you
But you will never kill me
And if you do
Insha'Allah I'll die a shaheed
Dying on a good deed
You are nothing but a weed
Within beautiful flowers that blossom
You are
My enemy

Monday, June 25, 2012


I love for the sake of Allah some of the troops
I care deeply for some of the troops
But I do not support the troops

This isn't a game
This is extremely insane
How a lot of the victims of the war are innocent bystanders
Fills me with so much wonder
How we think of our self as stronger

This no good
Imperialistic state
Filled with so much hate
What if one day we disintegrate
And turn into the weaker state
But that's off topic
And microscopic
To this issue

But what if
What if we're the terrorist
And who we're fighting are the counter-terrorist
Should we be embarrassed

Is ignorance bliss
Better yet should we just piss
All over our values

So many innocent in Iraq have died
And imagine how many mothers have cried
Wishing the could turn back the wheels of time
For the innocent crimes
Their sons have died

Thursday, June 14, 2012


This is my life
And I'm going to fight
For the perfect wife
She doesn't have to be perfect
Because I'm not perfect
But its you I select
And I don't want to miss a day
With you away
I'm in your heart
And now your the only one that can tear mine apart
I'm going to fight for you
Because I love you
I have spit to so many girls
But I can only tell you all my rhymes
Will be for one dime
No not a dime
The girl that's mine
And the boy that belongs to you

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I can never thank you enough
Because truly I haven't had enough
Until I see your face
On that day
My heart will race
And no longer
Will I feel disgrace
Your beauty I've never seen
In a place I've never been
I know I love you
But I have yet to meet you
I want to greet you
Because I am yours
And I want you to be mine
The word dime is an insult
To your beauty
Your majesty
You are true royalty
Their is no one I feel this way for
In my life and before
You are Allah
And I am you slave


Allah is the creator
Not the inventor
When a programmer
Invents a program
And the program crashes
Its is the inventors flaw
But Allah is not an inventor
He is a creator
Can create anything
We simply use what we have
And make it
What we make it

Friday, June 8, 2012


I haven't had time to update with new poems but I got a lot more on my phone I'll transfer tomorrow, so be ready.  And please drop a comment, whether you like or dislike.  It would mean the world to me

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


It's a sensation
That pleases every nation
But sex is more
Than finding some whore
And getting some
It's about pleasing some
You're partner
It's not makng love
You make it with your love
It's about pleasing them
Before pleasing your self
It's a competition
Of who is willing to last longer
Who is willing to fight
And make it right
But I swear you wanna know when it's beautiful
When a guy
Can look at a girl
And see her the same
After the game
After he is pleased
He can whisper to her
I love you
Now and forever
And never
Wanting to leave her bed side
Sex is a ride
But without love it makes you want to hide
From her
Run from her
But true sex
That is love
From above
A man is not a real man
If he's having sex

Who Is God

I'm a sinner
But I want to be a winner
I'm surely a loser
If Allah isn't the forgiver
He is my savior
Not Jesus
In order to say the Hindus worship God
You have to define their God(s)
Idols, stones, rocks, and clay
In order to say the Christians worship God
You have to define their God
A man
A brother
Born of a mother
In order to say the Muslims worship God
You have to define their God
He does it for us in his book
And the English meaning says
"And there is none unto the like of him"
We worship a God that
Is not man
Is not
An idol
Is not a brother
Does not have a mother
Never died
Never cried
Never lied
Never defecated
We believe God is

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sahaba (Companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)

The sahaba
Are my friends
Till the end
And I want to meet them in paradise
I want to see them with my own eyes
They amaze me
What a slave can do
Before making one step
They made their intention all they way through
Every thought
Every action
Every satisfaction
Thinking of Allah
And after
I want their deen
I want to be among the mu'mineen (believers)
The best of the muslimeen (Muslims)
I want to marry a hijabi queen
That will help me on the way
Every day
But back to my friends
I send them
My prayers
And I pray Allah forgives them
Saves them
Blesses them
And doesn't end them
In hell
Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) divorced the world three times
Do you realize
How hard that is
Open your eyes
No cursing
Controlling every emotion
Receiving every emotion
And praising Allah
Praying more than five times a day
Day and night
Oh what a sight
If they were light
Wallahi (I swear in the name of Allah) they would be bright
And I might
Lower my gaze
Out of humility
I want
To meet
My friends

Marilyn Monroe

Her beauty is tempting, and I don't want to tempt anyone so I chose not to display her picture.  Lord forgive me for what I'm doing, protect me from any assumptions anyone who reads this makes of me.  And if they have any good thoughts of me make me better than what they assume of me

Oh God
I don't want to imagine
How Marilyn Monroe felt
What she dealt
Imagine her hand
Unless she repented
Every girl who grew up
Idolizing her
And used her motivation
To change this nation
Every sin that was followed
She will receive a fair share
Like Cain and Abel
How one is now responsible
For every murder
She too is now responsible
For every girl who undresses
Who shows her chest
With the intention of walking in her foot steps
To impress
To follow
To be shallow
The leader of the evil
Is Evil
And her burden in hell
Will never feel well
She has surely sold
And has chosen to mold
To what Iblees wanted
But if she prior to death
Before her last breath
Took Islam
I pray Allah will forgive her

Be with me

I want someone to talk to me
To be with me
To see me
For who I am
A nice guy
Not a fly guy
Or a high guy
Maybe a wise guy
I doubt it
But I want to prove it
I want a lover
Like no other
Yes a beauty
But more than that
Out of her love of Allah
I want to be able to tip her my hat
Just a girl to be with me
Wherever you are
Whoever you are
Am I cursed
For being alone
Or is this curse I'm addressing
A blessing
I want this loneliness
To end
I want a friend
I want her to descend
From above the seven
From heaven
She'll be my seven
And I can be her three
She'll be so fine
My ninety nine
And I'll be her one
Together we'll make one hundred
We'll run together
In the light forever
I'll try to decipher
The mind of woman
Allah's design of a woman
And she can try to decipher me
I want a woman
To be my best friend
Not my mother
Nor my sister
I want something that differs
She'll keep me clean like Swiffer
And I
I'll be
With her

Monday, June 4, 2012

A smile

If you look at life
It's all a regression
And there is so much oppression
And so many suffer from depression
But I got advice for you right now
You wanna know how far one smile can go
How far it can flow
Well listen to this
A kid gets hit by his mom
Because he beat his little drum
But you smile
While he's crying
He looks like a 3 year wishin to be dying
But you see him and smile
He looks
You catch a glimpse of a smile
Through the tears
He looks to his mom
Realizes he was wrong
And his mom is strong
So he smiles at his mom
His mom feels like she popped a tum
And all feels better
So she smiles
Her husband later that night
Comes home not feeling so bright
But she smiles because her baby smiled
Now through his anger and sadness
He smiles
Smiles away the madness
He goes to sleep happy
Next day wakes up happy
Goes to work with a smile
His boss looks mad
But the husband keeps things from getting sad
And the husband smiles
His boss smiles back
And says I'm sorry about yesterday
Take the day
So that day he finds a homeless man
Takes him to eat
Makes him smile
And in turn he ends his day with a smile
Whether you believe in God or not
You have to believe anything is possible
And you have to believe a smile will go distances
Just trust how it makes you feel

All alone

This one is depressed
So if your not feeling oppressed
Move on the next one
And maybe you might find the best one
With this life I truly detest one
I'm all alone
At home
With no one to phone
I'm high
But not one weed
This is a high from God
I'm on life
And I truly believe
That we achieve
What we believe
And God will never conceive
More than we can achieve
I need more
More than a whore
More than a lover
More than a wife
More than a mother
More than a brother
I need God
Maybe there I'll find some hope
Screw the pope
He needs God more than I do
It's odd how he spits to Jesus
I love you
Who slept on the floor
Walking barefoot
While he's driving the pope mobile
I need to find
And unwind
Sometimes I wish I could rewind
And find more time
Going back to last night
She was a dime
But the crazy thing is
She was so far from being a dime
She was hideous
But Devil/temptation whatever you want to call it
Made her appear beautiful
And I screwed up
I looked
But I didn't screw everything up
She had me only shooked
For a split second
I need God
And if you don't believe
That there is a God
Then I don't believe
In you
Your words can be like daggers
But they're not piercing through
My mind
So back to the point
I'm depressed
And in my mind I am oppressed
But I get what I deserve
I observe
So I all I will do for now
Is serve

Saturday, June 2, 2012


I wanna whisper in your ear
And take it all away
All your fear
Make you feel your the one
Tell you your smile is as bright as the sun
Tell you you're beautiful
I wanna see how you work
I just want to see you smile
Cause I'll run for you
No matter how many a mile
Baby I wanna know if your down
Even if everything is falling down
I'll be there
To see that beautiful majestic hair
I don't wanna scare you
But you're the one
And together I promise we'll have fun
Together were it
Like a home run hit
Past the forest
We're unstoppable
Baby if there was a word that could describe your beauty
I'd light it in the sky every night
 I could write for you for an hour
Cause every time I see you I smile with more power
It's unfortunate we haven't met yet
You're my reason
You're my purpose
My wings
That allow me to fly
This ain't not lie
I can't begin to deny
Screw you world
All I need is one
Just one 
Just one beauty
But I'll keep moving
I'll keep going
Till I find you
I'll keep looking over my back
Until I see you
It's like a voice in my head
Constantly questioning whispering till I'm dead

Run Away

There she runs away
Into the night
As I stay
All alone in fright
I want you to be with me
For better or for worse
Like a diamond stays forever
To hold in my arms
I want you here with me
Because can't you see
Your mine and I'm yours
Please come back
Because I seem to lack
The ability
To be alone


My sins keep running
And I pray your mercy keeps flowing
Into my heart
Because I pray my heart will never seal and distance us apart
I pray you'll forgive me for what I've done
And even though it felt like fun
I know it was wrong
That's why I pray to you Allah
The most merciful
The all knowing
Knowing my every move like tick tock
I try to keep you in my head
But the devil tries to create a block
In the end my heart desires to see you
My pens write about you
And it'll never stop
As long as my soul lives to the drop
Where my end will surely come

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When You Love

When you love...
You cheat
Your bring agony
You bring pain
No gain
Just a stain
But when I
When I love...
I'm humble
I apologize too much
And say I love you too much
I don't cheat
And I don't beat
All I want do is meet
Greet you
Make love to you
You see I'm the kind of guy
When I tell a girl something
I keep my word
I never say no
And when I make you cry
I cry
I don't lie
And I tell you with you
I never want to die


Reminder you can interchange Allah with God for your simple pleasure.  Allah is Arabic name of God.  Just as it used in the Arabic Bible.

Oh Allah as my witness
I want a father's princess
To be my queen
I'm trying to desperately to wean
Off my shortcomings
I want to be perfect
Because I want her to be happy with me
She's not going to be perfect
But in my mind she will be
I know you feel me
You appeal to me
Because I appeal to you
And everything you do
Makes me want to say
I love you
I don't know what to do with myself
Now that as Lord as my witness
I found you
And now
I am
The Witness


I'm walking
Refraining from talking
Because when the anger grows
The angry word blows
Like fiery snow
That comes down
All around
I gotta get away
I can't stay
Cause I don't want to spit fire
And say things with regret
That I want to forget
I have my mind set
They told me to stay
But I told them if I stay today
I'm going to speak with anger
And anger is one letter short of danger
An angry word is relief for a second
But can be nothing but regret for a lifetime
So I'm walking away
And I rhyme
Line by line
Rhyme by rhyme
I might not be as smart as Einstein
But I know when I gotta go
I gotta go
So learn a lesson from this flow
And walk away fast
And pace yourself slow

Just Say My Name

You know what I want tonight
I want to see you in the light
Saying my name
It doesn't take much
And such
To make me smile
When you're in the picture
I'll be your mister
And I'm going to steal you from your sister
Everyone else is like a blister
And I just want to ignore them
And say your name
This is beauty
I want it to be destiny
Just say my name
And set me free


Before hand if you get confused and your not Muslim and you don't know what Allah is, it's simply God's name in Arabic.  If you feel more comfortable just replace God with Allah wherever you see it.  Hope you enjoy this one.  (Read it twice to capture the entire meaning)

Some might ask if
With Allah's power
Why is there murder
Why do the innocent die
I'll tell you why
Because Allah gave us a free will
With the potential to do well
But still with the potential
With the free will
Man has the choice to kill

But remember one thing
Evil does not come from Allah
It is man
Who decides to become a fan
Of evil
Like Iblees (Arabic word for Lucifer, Satan, aka the devil)
Who chose his path
It is man who kills
It is man who rapes

Allah doesn't murder anyone out of vain
Allah doesn't rape anyone

But it is man like I said it before
And I'll say it again

Allah gave us a free will

And would it not be hypocritical of Allah
To remove the free will that people have

But Allah is the most just
And for every reason there is a must

Everything will be justified
Even the non horned sheep
With the horned sheep

Narrated by Abu Hurairah : The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him said): "Certainly, the rights of every people will be restored on the Day of Resurrection, until even the hornless sheep will settle the score with the horned sheep."

So if something was done to you
With injustice
Know in your heart
That just will be set

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


What is it?
Where is it?
We all have it
Some deny it
But we are more than just electricity
Our emotions are more than just elasticity
We all have a soul
But is it a hole
In the body
In one part of the body
Or is it scattered all throughout
I wonder about
What it looks like
Does it have its own thoughts
If I get shot
What happens to it
Does it feel love
Or is that our mind
I know it's Allah's design
Does it have its own sign
Its own signature
Does it feel the truth
When the real scripture is read to it
Does it know the ruth-
Less lies
When it hears it
My biggest wonder
I ponder
What happens to it when we sleep
Does it sleep
Does it weep
When it sees a sad dream
Does it get mad
When it sees a mad dream
Will I ever find out
Probably not
All I know for now is
We all have a soul

The Call

So I was alone
At home
With my love in the hospital
She had in her chest
A cancer
Eating her alive
And I was the one crying
She was so brave
Telling me Allah would save
Be with her
Comfort her
Its been 4 months now and the chemotherapy isn't working
It's 3 AM now
And the phone rings now
May I speak to Joseph
This is him
I'm sorry
WHAT what do you mean sorry
She didn't make it
The phone drops
And I get on my knees
God please
Tell me why
I'm sorry for questioning you but why
Why did you have to take her
I can't take it anymore
I'm breaking apart
And my heart
Is blown to pieces
My very soul ceases
My face has no emotion
But tears are in motion
Lotion to my eyes
I look in the mirror
My eyes are red from staying up all night
In fright
Of this moment
Of this call

Allah's Hands

I feel secure
I feel I have found the cure
And it's in Allah's hands
Today I make a stand
And open my eyes
And realize
That my protection
Is with Allah
My satisfaction
Is with Allah
And Wallah
Everything I own and have
Is from Allah
So I sit here
And fear
The God I love
Love from above
More beautiful than any dove
I love you Allah
And I don't want you to test me
But if you do test me
Do not detest me
And protect me
And always hold me
In your hand


No matter what the task
From God
Small or big
Tall or short rig
Some say well I'll get what I want
No matter if I flaunt or taunt
I say you get more than the normal person
If you ask God
Because if He wants something for you
No one can stop it
Or drop it
And no one can top God
Plus in Islam we say
That everyday
You ask God
He gives you good deeds
Just for asking
Like good seeds
That have the potential to grow
And not slow
But fast
And the rewards last
To me it is essential
To talk to God
I bet you're thinking
Oh my God?
He talks to God
He must be crazy
But as Einstein once said
There are only two ways to live your life:
As though nothing is a miracle
Or as though everything is a miracle
I choose to believe everything is a miracle

Monday, May 28, 2012


The best moment of your life
The day your wife
Gives birth to your first child
She's going to be daddy's little princess
As God as his witness
He is in tears
Running down his face
With nothing but bliss in the heart
This is a fresh start
You love her more than life
Looking at her with no hair
Just the smallest human
You've ever seen
The smallest being
It almost looks like an alien your 4 year old cousin says
You smile
Look to him
And tell him that's my baby alien
And your newest part of the family
You keep staring
With wonder
As you ponder
This came from me?
This is truly 
A moment

My Baby

You are my baby
My lady
My queen
From the unseen
Is this a dream
Because your standing right in front of me
Like it's just destiny
And I'm finally being set free
And that's what I want to do to you
Set you free
No more loneliness
No more sadness
No more depression
With you there  will be no oppression
And from here till the day I die
Will be the greatest session
The elections are over
And I've chosen you
You pierced my heart all the way through
You are my baby


I don't understand
How you can stand
And not pick up your damn phone
I'm all alone
Because I put you on a pedestal
And I'm the one who fell
You called me ten times a day
Now it's zero a day
I know you're cheating
With some other guy
I made you cry
With the words I spit for you
I told you I loved you
And you told me you loved me
I guess one of us was a liar
Now all I feel is fire
You were my desire
Now I'm all all alone at home
With no one to phone
But wait there she goes I hear the phone
I suppose
I don't even care anymore
It's over she said
I felt dead
Before she said it
But she spit it
Now I'm a rotting corpse
I gotta move on
I gotta live on
Be strong
I just hope the next girl
Isn't so shady
I'm looking for the mother of my baby

I Love You

I love you
You are my sweetheart
You are my heart
And now
You're the only one that can break it apart
You know what to do
To get me through
My day
I just want to lay
With you
Be with you
Sleep with you
I've said it before to others
But I mean it now
And I'll say it some more to no others
I love you
This feeling is crazy
It drives me
Pushes me
I can no longer say I'm lazy
I love you
More than anyone in this world
I just want to curl
With you by a fire
Maybe some hot chocolate
And some marshmallows
Feeling far from me mellow
While I whisper in your ear
You are mine
You are fine
More holy to me more than any shrine
A diamond
And I love you